Master Practice | My Personal Success Story

About Master Practice

Power Liens and Verdict Videos came together because there was a need. Young attorneys need advice and guidance, but many of them don’t get it. Mentorships are time consuming for both parties and networking events are often over too quickly. These relationships must be fostered because they often lead to both personal and business growth.

This series highlights the accomplishments and journeys of successful attorneys. It allows these individuals to share their personal message and intimate advice on topics such as work-life balance, business development, handling success and failures and even particular hardships and obstacles.

On behalf of Power Liens and Verdict Videos, a big thanks to all the attorneys who contributed to this series. Look for new episodes in the future and forward these videos along!

About Power Liens

Power Liens’ goal is to improve an attorney’s access to physicians that work on lien. Founded by a practicing attorney, Power Liens was created to help attorneys find the right doctor by area and specialty and do so quickly. What previously took hours to complete is now facilitated through this online directory in a matter of minutes.

Success in this field would not be possible without unrelenting dedication to clients, who in turn provide exceptional service to their patients. Power Liens currently operates in four states: California, Arizona, Florida and Illinois.

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About Verdict Videos

Verdict Videos’ settlement video brochures transform a client’s complaint into a Dateline-style presentation for mediation, or arbitration. Their work highlights the opposing party’s liability while justifying the client’s claim in a way that words on a page simply cannot do.

Verdict Video was founded in 2009 by experienced, award winning documentary producers. Their goal is to carefully present the circumstances of a client’s injuries and allow the heartfelt truth about their suffering to be told.

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